Automtive PartsWauconda has a unique position in the automotive supply chain by providing products to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 customers. Our expertise in providing leadframes, leads and interconnects to automotive insert molders is unmatched in the industry. We can help design and manufacture insert moldable metal products to the most exacting tolerances, ensuring positive shut-offs and clean parting lines.


Electronic PartsWauconda has 30 years of experience in providing wire bondable stamped product for the semiconductor and electronics market. We understand the requirements for both Au and Al bonding and can supply the surface finish, base and plated metal surfaces and packaging to exceed your bonding quality and reliability expectations. We can also help with mold locks, die bond pad surfaces and shut offs.


Consumer PartsWauconda supplies a wide array of intricate, precision stamped components for the consumer market, products that meet the visual and functional requirements of their applications. We supply electrical routing leadframes for internal use and polished bezels for external use and everything in between.


Medical PartsWauconda has produced precise miniature sized components for use in the medical and hearing device industries for over 25 years. These micro-sized stampings require complex shapes and intricate geometry with tolerances of +\- .0001″. Implantable medical devices often involve creative stamping solutions when working with exotic alloys such as titanium, tantalum, niobium, platinum, platinum\iridium and MP35.