Design / Prototype

Design / PrototypeWauconda is an engineering driven company. Our design team includes technicians from sales, tooling, production and quality. A project manager leads the team from prototyping to tooling conception and onto approval of your piece part submission: a complete stamping solution. We can accept via electronic interchange your CAD drawings in any software package, in either 2D or 3D. Our expertise in supplying engineering support and prototypes for difficult applications, such as insert molding and micro-miniature electronics, will guarantee that your program is completed on schedule and within budget.


ToolingWe utilize the latest technology in tool and die building from CNC machining to EDM wire cutting. We employ highly experienced journeyman tool and die builders, with over 250 years of collective die building experience. Our dies utilize the latest in die sensing technology, material handling and automated optical vision systems in order to produce the most accurate stampings at the highest speeds available. We guarantee our dies for the life of the part; you will never pay for maintenance, component replacement or additional tooling.


QualityWe translate our dedication to quality by investing in new technology and applying the benchmarks of the most current quality system requirements: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003. Our goal of zero defects to the customer is continually improved by utilizing automated vision systems, error proofing and 100% inspection on critical characteristics and processes. We utilize the most up to date technology on the production floor and in our quality areas, including SmartScope and part specific functional gaging.  We minimize throughput without sacrificing accuracy or quality.


SupportOur support teams work together with you to analyze product specifications for material selections, dimensional tolerances or production requirements; establish production schedules in synch with your manufacturing requirements; identify custom packaging and establish a partnership to gain manufacturing excellence and cost control. Wauconda has been challenged by the most exacting customers and product applications. We have designed product specific packaging to ensure that products arrive functional and ready for automated assembly. We have successfully undertaken welding, skiving and deburring of stamped parts that no other supplier would attempt. Wauconda provides EDI support and offers on-site and customer site consigned inventory.